1L/1,5 L/2L Roostevabast Terasest Veekeetja Teekann Paksem Filter Hotel Office Tee Pot kohvikann Induktsiooni Pliit Universal

Saadavus: On laos

€14.49 €9.99

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Materjal:roostevaba teras


Maht: 1L/1,5 L/2L

Suurus:näitab järgmist pilti

Induktsioon pliit, Halogeen-ahju, Elektrilised keraamilised küttekehad olemas ,suur köök,kodus ja kontoris.

Siin hind vaid veekeetja , ei hinda induktsiooni pliit


Paksenenud käepide on kindlalt kinni keevitatud ja ei lange maha, ja grip on mugavad ja vastupidavad.

Lihtne avada koos push-kohta, ühe käega kasutamiseks, anti-põletushaavu helmed

Sisseehitatud filter disain, saab otse tee, lihtne valmistad.

Multi-lihvimine, sile ja särav, ei ole lihtne rooste, lihtne puhastada

Paksenenud alt, pannakse sujuvalt, induktsiooni pliit / lahtise leegiga ahju saadaval

Pakkimine On Lisatud:

1* Roostevabast Terasest Veekeetja

  • Võimsus: 2.0 L
  • Materjal: Roostevaba Teras
  • Brändi Nimi: Dreamburgh
  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)


Kristinehomeloans | 2020-12-23

it came really fast and without any damage although box was really wrinkled and without any protection at all, the pot looks really nice and polished and even when it has some bad soldering spots, it's not that bad, material is really thin so I'm not entirely sure if this was a good deal. In general everything is pretty much ok except for one really important thing, only one little detail that makes me give this product and seller only 2 stars and it is capacity accuracy, I ordered 2.0 liters and there's no way this teapot has 2.0 liters capacity (I know it because I measured it) it can barely hold 1.3 linters but only 1 litter if you are planning to use it, so I think this is kind of a scamm. I think better deals can be found in a dollar store, so if you want a very thin and barely useful teapot that pretends to be 2 liters but it's only 1, better go to the dollar store. to seller: please don't advertise fake information about your products, your work is not worth a lie.

2 / 5

Tomochka57 | 2020-12-14

It looks amazing!! although I thought it was going to be bigger. I´ll buy another one. It arrived on time, so I'm very pleased.

5 / 5

Planetsam | 2021-01-28

I am very happy with my purchase

5 / 5

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