Gotway Elektrilised wheeled 5A kiire laadija Tesla,Msuper X,Nikola,Koletis.Msuper 3S/3S+ kiirlaadija, 5A,84V 100-240V

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Leonardo Vietro | 2020-10-21

Very very very fast shipping 4/5 days nofake. That what i wanted from seller and he respect his word (messages before buy). I never tried monowheels so all this day I'm gonna go train. All looks brand new, good protection. The design are not the best, the wheel are the beast. Anyway this is what i see about on YouTube compared to many other with WrongWay Channel or U-Stride. For the price u can find better. Thank you Green and Fashion Travelling Shop, if all compagnies workedblike our company on AliExpress... Now, the asphalt wait for me. 100x Thank you, i hope that we can do business together again ont day. Good Łuck for the next sell. Like i see, i will make a very good relational marketing now. Have a nice day

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