Põhjamaade LED laelambid Gold Crystal Magamistuba Lamp Ring Lae sisevalgustus Võistluskalendri Köök elutuba Home Art deco

Saadavus: On laos

€95.47 €57.28

Toote kirjeldus

  • Toite Allikas: AC
  • Paigaldada Stiil: Pinnale paigaldatud
  • Valgusallikas: Hõõglambid
  • Lüliti Tüüp: PUUDUB
  • Omadused: Laelambid
  • On Hämardatav: No
  • Stiil: Kaasaegne
  • Brändi Nimi: TRAZOS
  • On Pirnid Komplektis: No
  • Materjal: Kristall
  • Taotlus: Foyer
  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)
  • Lõpeta: Raud
  • Valgustus Ala: >30square meetrit
  • Mudeli Number: Laelambid
  • Kasutamine: Puhkus
  • Korpuse Materjal: Kristall
  • Garantii: 3years
  • Sertifitseerimine: CCC
  • Toote Tüüp: Laelambid
  • Aluse Tüüp: E27
  • Arv valgusallikad: > 20
  • Technics: Kroomitud
  • Pinge: 90-260V


Irina Golovko1960 | 2020-12-22

The goods never received.

1 / 5

Gumiho1996 | 2021-01-29

The lamp itself is beautiful but it was so EXTREMELY difficult to install. The bracket given was really bad design and while we were wrestling with the task of holding the heavy lamp high up we actually broke one of the glass panels (we glued it back but it looks ugly now). I have no idea what are we going to do if we ever have to change a light bulb, there is no way of getting your hands there! We ended up doing serious and time consuming engineering of our own to install the lamp to the ceiling. The lamp comes in pieces and requires couple of hours to put together which was very unexpected. I thought that I just pick up ready ensembled chandelier up from the box. Instructions were only in Chinese and I could not find any help from the website.

3 / 5

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