30cm Inimese Kolju Mudel luu-ja Lihaskonna Anatoomia Maali Kunst Skulptuur Õpetamise Meditsiinilise Mudeli Viide

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30cm Inimese kolju mudel luu-ja lihaskonna anatoomia maali kunst skulptuur õpetamise meditsiinilise mudeli viide

Palun jätke mulle sõnum, kui soovite, et valge üks või kuld üks.

  • Materjal: Vaik
  • Suurus: 30 cm
  • Brändi Nimi: sinine liblikas
  • Mudeli Number: 459


Charleroc | 2020-10-30

Came well packed but not what i bought! I paid for a woman and a men and they send me two women! Lost money on this

1 / 5

Agrutsev | 2020-12-03

This was send to me very fast as a compensation for not receiving it when I requested as a couple with a woman that is set in this account! The seller very worry attentive and responsable asked me to wait that would send the man that was missing! I was scared at the beginning but the seller proved me wrong! I can Assured all of you that it is very trust worthy and you can buy to this seller and you are going to get what you paid for! The product is well made! Heavy accurate and comes fast and well packed! Very recommended!

5 / 5

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